About 3MG (Mersey Multimodal Gateway)

3MG (Mersey Multimodal Gateway) was previously known as Ditton Strategic Rail Freight Park. The programme will realise the potential for developing a major new rail/road freight handling and logistics park at Ditton covering 200 hectares. It will build upon the established assets of the location to create a sustainable 21st century freight park which is a flagship for the region.

3MG is currently undergoing the first phases of a multi-million pound expansion, which will provide 3.5 million sq. ft. of new warehousing, subject to planning permission, and in turn should create in the region of 5,000 new jobs. Although the site will continue to be developed in the coming years, it already benefits from daily rail services and has high quality warehouse capacity available.

3MG will support a number of local, regional and strategic objectives regarding the sustainable movement of goods and materials, as outlined in the Government’s Transport White Paper, the Northwest Regional Freight Strategy and in Halton’s Second Local Transport Plan (LTP2). The transfer of freight from road to rail will help to reduce congestion as well as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions – with a typical freight train transporting the equivalent of around 50 lorry journeys. Landscaping and environmental improvements will be achieved through the implementation of a Landscaping Strategy. This will mitigate any potentially negative environmental implications and include the creation of landscaped ’buffer zones’. In addition, areas of land currently classified as brownfield will be comprehensively remediated, resulting in a great overall improvement to the environmental quality of the area.